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Thems there fightin words in Indiana

August 14, 2020

Thems there fightin words in Indiana

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Co hosts : Made Man Brent, Good ol Boy Alan, Made Man Maury, Good ol Boy Justin, and Made Man Bob
SIPS  Episode –  A bunch of sourced whiskey from MGP. Nothing worse than having the Dead Man’s Hand. You should bet on this whiskey. Thank god the lawyers are not doing the math on what makes quality whiskey. Fred Noe walks in and crushes the conversation on quality with an interesting 15 year Knob Creek. Beam is sitting on the largest inventory of well aged whiskey in KY.   We taste and rate the following whiskey from 1-5:  

6:40 Deadwood Straight Bourbon-  81 proof – 40.5% ABV                                                              3 SIPS

12:40 Deadwood Rye Whiskey -  83 proof – 41.5% ABV – 2 years old                                         3 SIPS

19:13 Tumblin Dice Straight Bourbon Whiskey -  100 proof – 50% ABV – 4 Years Old           3 SIPS

27:21 The Senator Straight Rye Whiskey – Fall 2019 – 116 proof – 58% ABV, 6 Years old   4 SIPS

33:23 Old William Tarr Whiskey: Manchester Reserve – 114 Proof - 57% ABV                        3 SIPS

42:11 Old William Tarr Bourbon: Inheritance – 120 Proof - 60% ABV – 12 years old             3 SIPS

46:52 Knob Creek 15 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon – 100 Proof – 50% ABV               3 SIPS
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